Zarin Subha / UBIC Foundation (Fine Art Painting)

Frida once said,’ At the end of the day we can endure much more than we can think,’ and I have always believed on this quote.

I wanted create work that speaks about social issues and about things that are still taboo in the real world especially symbolic to the South Asian Culture.I wanted my work to emphasise on issues like colourism, body positivity and social taboos such as women smoking. There is a lot of hesitance to talk about such things and, its quite a stigma in my culture. Through my work I wanted to break the norm. As an artist, making art is my biggest weapon to share my ideas and I want to make best use of this opportunity.


colourful painting of two women in south asian dress
zarin subha rodela – brown is beautiful


painting of an south asian woman smoking
zarin subha rodela – Neela


painting of a south asian woman
zarin subha rodela – say no to patriarchy


painting of a topless image of a woman
zarin subha rodela – freedom


painting of a woman with a large butterfly covering half of her face
zarin subha rodela – as beautiful as butterfly