Yae In Park/ UBIC Foundation (llustration)

I have been embodying my memories. Through this work, I wanted to create an opportunity to remind each other of their good memories. Memories begin to fade as time goes by, but I intended to last memories longer through expressing and sharing them on my work. In terms of my work, among the good memories, I drew the media that reminded me of my trip to France in order to remember the memories of my trip with my friends. Basically, I drew a street that I walked along with a famous French monument. When it comes to ‘Bookshelf’, it focuses on how to keep memories by organising them on a bookshelf. As books can be organised by title or author, I also want to classify my memories in a similar way. I drew it referring to Korean folk paintings. Furthermore, I drew the Parisian doors in the sense of opening the doors that entering and finding the memories. I brought the pictures from Google.


Drawing of the Arc de Triomphe
Yae In Park – Arc de Triomphe Drawing


Painting of a bookshelf
Yae In Park – Memories Bookshelf


Drawing of a Paris alley
Yae In Park – Paris Alley Drawing


Collage of nine paintings of doors in Paris
Yae In Park – Parisian Doors Collage


Drawing of Point Alexandre III
Yae In Park – Pont Alexandre III Drawing