Vanessa Menrad / Fashion Communication with Business Studies BA(Hons)

Nominated for: Richard Seager Bursary Award
Nominated for: Sustainable Fashion Digital Micro Internship Prize

Graduating in Fashion Communication with Business Studies, Vanessa Menrad specialises in Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Content Creation and Production. Throughout her time at University she has established various skills in editorial and brand design, fashion direction and styling, writing, content production, branding and marketing. ​Vanessa is driven by the goal to make a change in the fashion world, working towards a more responsible and sustainable industry.

YVERT is an online platform focusing on responsible consuming, sustainability and community in the fashion industry. It’s designed to inspire creatives, give them a space to share their work and allow them to find each other and collaborate with like-minded people. This includes a website where content is shared, social media channels where creatives can communicate with each other, and a prototype for YVERT CONNECT, an app designed to facilitate all of the above.






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Vanessa Menrad- The Fashion Edit _ YVERT