Thea Armfield / Fine Art Critical Practice BA(Hons)

Nominated for: Nagoya University of the Arts Prize (group nomination)

My practice explores the expanded field of painting, questioning what lies beyond its’ material limitations. Through complementing painting with performance, a question arises: ‘Is Painting Dead?’ – First explored in my durational piece 47:25, where I filmed myself painting blindfolded. Instead of coming to paints traditionally, I trusted in the strokes and allowed the movement of my body to create the painting. This sparked interest in Pollock’s action paintings, followed swiftly by feminist art theory, body art and abject art, the latter with its debunking of the traditional pretty picture. I am intrigued by the nature of paint, its’ diversity and the way that other substances such as food can be added to it. I want audiences to connect with my work through the senses and by challenging painting’s place in the modern world. Is painting dead? No, but by venturing beyond its boundaries, its’ potential is seemingly endless.