Sophie Walker / Illustration BA(Hons)

My practice continues to take on new forms each day. I’d consider myself recognised for my versatility among a variety of mediums. My older works focus on the exploration of raw materials, while newer projects take on a photographic approach. I owe credit to my love of the natural world and global culture which provides continuous inspiration for my work. There are always new sources of inspiration and techniques awaiting to be discovered. University has taught me a lot of new methods of working personally and professionally but most importantly my time here has taught me to trust the process. The project featured here is an Album Concept Project for Bonobo’s ‘Black Sands’. Photo-collaging layered with my Chinese-Brush paintings gives the record a whole new aesthetic. The careful consideration of the visual components of these designs was made by studying Bonobo’s original influence for the album, which centred on global travel and appreciation of Earth.

Desert image with the number 1009


Desert image with the title 'All in Forms'


animals composite


vinyl cover concept