Rachel Atkinson / Fine Art Sculpture BA(Hons)

Award of Excellence: Nagoya University of the Arts Prize

Rachel Atkinson is a Brighton based Artist specialising in sculpture. Working within a wide selection of mediums; her work consists of large-scale props, video works, photography, and poetry. Her work often explores ideas such as: expectations, illusion, colour, the screen, and theatre. Her work takes a humorous and light-hearted stance. Using sets, characters, and props, she sets the scene of fakery and strangeness.

‘Colour’ takes centre stage within her practice, and fluorescent green is the star of the show. Not only referencing ‘Green Screen’ but the luminous quality of the colour transforms it into an experience for the viewer.

‘Expectations’ of the viewer are integral to her work. She attempts to confound their beliefs and expectations of illusion, theatre, technology, and art. In this process, she brings the viewer a light-hearted new perspective.




Wood and green abstract set of props in an empty corner of a studio
Set Rehearsal


Flippable green screen prop
Flippable Screen Prop


Rotating Applause and laughter sign
Laughter Applause Sign


Hexagonal prop on wheels being spun around
Hexagonal Prop