Ocean Holder / Moving Image BA(Hons)

My practice often draws on topics of gender and identity, whether that be through a documentary style or a more fictional artistic approach. Focusing mainly on understanding ‘people’ and how they work in a world which is so diverse. I often use physical 3 dimensional shapes to project onto and always consider the correlation between sound and the moving image. Encouraging myself to push the visual boundaries of an audience to allow people to view film in an immersive, often surrealist way. Issues of individuality and isolation also being key elements to my practice. My pieces usually aim to spark debate in an audience and often focus on opinion rather than fact, allowing an audience to add another layer to the film or installation that is being shown, through their own views and reflections.

“I Am Drowning!” is an immersive installation which uses the process of drowning to metaphorically replicate the feelings of anxiety and depression. Like depression and anxiety, drowning is often a quiet process and not always easy to spot with many people going between sinking one day and just about managing to float on the surface another. The piece has been displayed as a virtual installation due to the circumstances, however it is intended to be displayed as a physical installation which an audience could interact with, by stepping on and walking over the large projected floor visuals.




projection of numbers inside ovals
I AM DROWNING! (back of installation)