Mollie Lawrance / Graphic Design BA(Hons)

My project explores the impact ghost-fishing has on the environment. Ghost-fishing is the result of fishing equipment being discarded in the ocean and becoming a “silent killer” for marine wildlife across the globe.

My practice looks at using documentary style photography and a collection of daily beach cleans to articulate the build-up of plastics found on Brighton beach. This was used to produce a book which presented each daily collection of plastic fishing nets, titled “66 Brighton Beach Cleans in 66 Days.” I have included a small selection of spreads and compositions from this outcome, however this activity did continue over the period of 66 days. I used this practice to create a series of posters which illustrate the way ghost-fishing is killing marine animals, presenting my research in a striking manner. This would highlight the issue of ghost-fishing to a wider audience, beyond people who are already aware.