Katie Ryan / Graphic Design BA(Hons)

The link between digital and material, pixel and paper, is fascinating. We are in a digital age, where phone screens are the new billboards, yet we are reluctant to let go of traditional printing. Swiping on a sheet of glass is incomparable to the visceral nostalgia we experience when opening a book, and feeling the pages turn to reveal each spread. However, the digital future is inescapable, and exciting. I have moved from being solely a painter, who worked with analogue mediums in a studio, towards working on digital platforms, exploring animation, video and website design. However, I have never forgotten my formal teaching as an artist, where the personality of a piece, and the story it tells is so reliant on the emotions we put into it. My practice is narrative and nostalgic, yet it keeps moving forward with the times, as I continue to learn and explore.