Helly Pringle / Fashion Communication with Business Studies BA(Hons)

My Final Major Project is titled ‘Processing.’ The project is based on the sporadic journey of processing information, especially when one is faced with obstacles throughout their learning process. Throughout this project I have created a series of experiments, both digital and analog, which work as visual tools that highlight the unique and creative approach people with learning difficulties adopt when faced with having to process a mass of often overwhelming information. I found that the majority of studies on this topic are documented through a written form. I found this interesting as this form of expression is often a medium that people with learning difficulties often suffer to process and interpret. This is why I felt it was significant to try and merge both scientific information, along with visual experiments, to create unique outcomes that celebrates this unique way of thinking.


A stack of plastic washing baskets
Processing Statue (2020)


figure in green silk blouse and rope tied black trousers
Processing Styling (2020)


multi colour patch legs standing on plinth
Processing Statue (2020)


Blobs of colour stacked on top of one another
Processing Sculpture (2020)