Fashion Communication with Business Studies BA(Hons)

Fashion Comminication with Business Studies BA(Hons)

The BA(Hons) Fashion Communication with Business Studies provides the opportunity for students to experiment with a plethora of different practices to find their creative voice. This is something we pride ourselves on. Illustration, photography, styling, graphic design, curation, video editing, sewing, collage art, business and brand development, typography, event management, promotion and virtual reality are just some of the mediums students can do on our course. The course is designed in a way to support the exploration of a vast array of fashion creative media so students can know a more boundless way to create, learn, and share.

Erin Dapper says:

This course introduced me to practices I had never even thought of working with before and I didn’t fully grasp how I could create and share with certain mediums. I felt pretty limited and boxed in before I started the course in Brighton, simply because I just didn’t know. I feel really lucky to have been on a course that allowed me to experiment with video game design and fashion photography in the same project.

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