Emilia Hunt / 3D Design and Craft BA(Hons)

‘There is Salt in the Water’

A personal narrative about the accumulation of change over time. This concept derives from the Japanese theme and aesthetic of “mono no aware” which translates as “the pathos of things”, it describes the appreciation for a thing of fleeting beauty and the bitter sweet and temporary aspects of life. I aimed to build a narrative of how we can contextualise and express this feeling of unease yet awe through sculptural art and imagery. For example; using stonework, ceramics and epoxy resin as a more permanent material and light projection, skin and animation as more fleeting. I feel that nothing expresses this notion more than tidal shifts and phases of the moon. A remote celestial orb that constantly changes visually each night and has a directed influence on the earth. The moons gravitational pull causes the tide to be constantly on the move, an energy which shapes the world around it.


Hand holding an object
Hand holding Acid etched metal block with prints on the wrist


Large Ceramic Vase
Translating lines onto the surface of a ceramic vessel.


Ceramic sculptural object
Small Stone carving, translating lines into the surface of stone.


Dehydrated frog Inside Epoxy resin with white lines painted onto skin.


Photo montage
Using projections to place the lines on surfaces like skin, objects or the walls. A temporary affect.