Chelsea Rickatson / Fine Art Printmaking BA(Hons)

My current practice utilises sculpture and print to communicate the relationship between texture, colour and form within landscape art. I am interested in creating images to generate an assumption of landscape, whilst simultaneously playing with the audience’s perception of the work throughout the use of scale and colour. I like to combine printed surfaces and sculptural elements to harmonize the use of analogue and digital language within my work. My primary methods of working are digital print and fabric sculptures, allowing me to explore multiple ways of communicating texture and colour within nature. I also have a primary focus on process throughout my work, manipulating images by scanning, editing and playing with colour and scale to create a developed final piece.


selection of book pages
page examples from book (2020)


Book (2020)


calico wall hangings
‘Untitled’  (2020)


digital prints
‘Untitled’ (2020)