Beth Faulkner / Textiles Design with Business Studies BA(Hons)

Beth Faulkner “Celebration of Contemporary Perennials” My collection explores a variety of floral types throughout the seasons, incorporating perennial classics with stripes and dots and other to create bold and contemporary designs. With the assistance of visual research, I worked with a broad range of mediums to help me explore floral studies. These ranged from watercolour, ink, pencil, pen and more. Printed onto silks, linens and polyesters, this collection uses bold and striking colours that can be worn in the summer months. I have designed with the Upper high-street market in mind. A range of skills have been used to create luxury fabrics suited to my market. These include discharge printing, acid dye printing, colour separation and digital printing.

Design Interests -Digital Repeat -Colour -Composition -Digital Illustration

Industry Experience -Fabric and Trims Department, Burberry -Screen printing assistant, Zandra Rhodes -Print design assistant, Tahlullah print studio -Studio assistant, Imogen Heath Interiors


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