Youlim Lee / UBIC Pre Masters (Sequential Design/Illustration)

This project was designed to help Hwanhee make a successful comeback. The release of a virtual album, reconstructed with his unknown masterpiece, is the intention of this project. The album consists of three songs. The nostalgic retro of the 1990s is in fashion these days. Newtro has become a buzzword in Korea. Since Hwanhee is a singer from the 90s, I decided on a retro-style design combining of Memphis design and retro style. The important thing about retro and Newtro styles is that this style has an old-style mood but should not be tacky. I gave a retro vibe using bright vivid colour Palette. Mint and pink used in restaurants in the 1960s in the U.S. and sky blue,the signature colour of Hwanhee group, gave it a retro feel. The Memphis design pattern was designed with elements that characterise him as a vocalist. The title of the album used a powerful bold style typeface. When I searched for retro-style design references, there were many designs using strong and heavy bold typefaces. I took this and inspiration of the Reboot. I used social media as a platform to promote Instagram and SNOW – a camera filter app in S.Korea similar to Snapchat.








album design



Album booklet design