Vasileios Zygounas / Moving Image BA(Hons)

“Withdrawing Outwards” is a short film written, directed, shot and edited by Vasilis Zygounas, taking place in Athens, Greece. The piece presents a character trapped in a loop, which appears to be a dream. Invaders keep arriving at his house, occupying his private space. His only solution is to go outside, alone.

The coronavirus pandemic made us reconsider the safety of the outside world but also made us very strict towards what or who comes in to our house. Although the film is not directly about the virus, the idea of strangers occupying the house, forcing the protagonist to continue his routine outside, was definitely inspired by the latest global events.

Zbigniew’s Preisner’s “Dekalog VI”, “Kyrie Eleeison”, “Epitaphium” and “Reprise- First Appearance” were used for the soundtrack.