Tess McNab / Fashion Design with Business Studies BA(Hons)

Beloved Sweetheart Bastard

The title of my collection- ‘Beloved sweetheart bastard’ is taken from the poem Havisham, by Carol Ann Duffy. The juxtaposition of ‘sweetheart’ and ‘bastard’ in the same line is reflected in my fabrics and materials.

To embody the contrast of emotions, I have used materials associated with sculpture – mod roc and resin applied on fabrics that have drape, lightness and movement, adding constraint to something soft and delicate. The silhouettes have been influenced by the sculptures of artist Michael O’Keefe, creating a disjointed asymmetric figure, the work of Antony Gormley, & an a- line vest dress worn by my muse Pina Bausch whose raw, emotive approach to dance performance has been a significant influence.

Styled with an emotive “half dressed” approach, accessorised with intricate bandage wrap gloves, sculptural head pieces and half shoes; each garment will become more distressed as worn, reflecting the form changing impact of emotion.


Design Development Photographs
Design Development Photographs
Photographs of Hats
Collection Photograph Look 2
Collection Photograph Look 1