Sunghee Shin / Fine Art Printmaking BA(Hons)

My work is about control. An exploration of my painful struggle and curious attempt to get back my control of myself, my life in time and space. It is about my emotional, rational reflection of my communication and expressing thoughts through image making and sound that I can freely explore and express myself and my idea.
I most often respond to direct visual stimulation around me; looking at the fleetingness of shadow, light, materials and colour. Visual sensational impression is important to me as equally as meaning behind that I try to find or give. To achieve this, I like to use pigment, colour, light, and texture through a constant craving and searching for new material. Process is key to my work in all that it allows for different senses, I like the beauty of vivid colour and rich pigmented texture and propound meaning of pigment (that i give) and colour & light from the nature.
Contradiction lies in all living mankind but especially when I investigate it within my work, there’s always contradiction within me and fighting often but mostly living quietly. I love the various vibrant colour and effect from digital languages as well as the versatility of technologies to explore scale. At the same time, passiveness – let it be attitude of philosophy and impact – of organic colour bleeding on Hanji, cyanotype and relief print that underwent great pressure through press. I also make work in respond to the emotional rational impacts from daily life – anger, frustrations, appreciation, longing, wishing, accepting, astonishment, delight and insight.





Hand print colourful




Bright pixelated window