Sophie Bullacher / 3D Design and Craft BA(Hons)

Winner: Faith & Spirituality Team Wellbeing Prize

Land + Us

Land + Us ‘ is based on the idea to create a series of personally useful objects made from locally sourced materials; many of which were found during the exploration of the South Downs landscape as part of my dog walking routine, some bartered with local people or were given to me.

The maker in me sees my daily environment as a versatile source for local and seasonal products and materials. My making process is framed by sourceable materials, relevant locations, seasonal changes and ultimately my own resourcefulness as maker and designer; eventually forming the basis for a personal ethos as a maker, in which we live within our limitations, use and value diversity and creatively respond to change. My main aim and starting point was to gain a more holistic understanding of today’s ways of handling resources, land use and waste disposal.

Dissertation title: ‘How conscious design choices will help sustain urban environments’.


Wooden stand
Wooden Display Stand with Stool


Various brushes using mixed materials


Coffee mug and various spoons
Local clay and ash


Wooden stool
Wooden stool


Tooth Pick and Cast Tooth
Tooth Pick and Cast Tooth