Sigita Kaleth / Textiles Design with Business Studies BA (Hons)

My work is influenced by human relationship with nature, childhood memories and personal experiences. I am passionate about craftmanship and the use of natural materials. My values as a designer are based on growing up surrounded by nature; therefore, my creative process is purposefully harmless to nature and environment. The Design developments usualy starts with watercolour, ink drawings and extensive research into the chosen theme. The knit construction is developed by playing with contrasting yarn qualities that evolve into tactile, technicaly intricate and somewhat sensitive textiles. I would describe my work aesthetic as romantic, delicate and feminine with a touch of nostalgia.

DESIGN INTERESTs: Stitch structure, Textile development, Sustainability, Collection development, Garment design INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE: BURBERRY – London ROKSANDA – London TAMANE_STUDIO – Brighton AWARDS: FEEL THE YARN 2020 / CONTEST FINALIST


Inspiration Board

Various Textured Knit Samples
I am because you were


Mustard and purple knit samples


Silk and Cashmere Knits


Shima Seiki Knit Samples