Sarah Stole / Graphic Design BA(Hons)

My work is centred around the theme of deadtime and takes a documentary approach using photography as the main medium. My photographs focus on semiotics within the body language naturally displayed during the act of waiting. The photographs aim to communicate patience, or lack thereof, through the way the people observed hold themselves. Colour and brightness in the work brings the subject matter together, but also allows for individual details to be highlighted. My objective is for the sense of commonality within the photos to be relatable and recognisable.

The photo book, 27 Days, builds on the symbol of the bench, a location for waiting which I continued to study throughout taking the photos. The book uses the photographs to build a collective visualisation of deadtime and pinpoints the details in each individual person’s reaction to the act of waiting.


Elderly couple on bench


woman on bench holding train ticket
27Days (2020)


couple on bench with phone
27Days (2020)


hands holding box
27Days (2020)



27 Days flip-through from Sarah Stole on Vimeo.