Sarah Guarino / Fine Art Printmaking BA(Hons)

Migration, displacement, mobility, and identity are the central issues of practice, emerging through my personal experience as an immigrant in the UK. Sprouting off the personal, overall positive, enriching experience of displacement, the attention has been also moved to the broader topic of migration, and its almost embedded negative perception.
My practice has recently responded to this through references to ourselves as ‘rooted beings’, visually merging human and botanical, with references to prejudice/stereotypes, reflecting on identity and a particularly obsessive relationship with food. The uncertainty of the future has been another issue that I have begun to explore, demanding even more attention given the current pandemic situation.
Intrigued by moving image, and standing onto the foundations of drawing, I work within print, employing the qualities of etching, monoprint, collagraph and lithography to challenge the common association of print as a static nature.



Feet on hair roots


Scrunched paper volcano