Phoebe Richardson / Fashion Design with Business Studies BA(Hons)

My collection’s initial inspiration was The GTO’s (‘Girls Together Outrageously’) an experimental 1960’s girl band. Band member Pamela Des Barres declared that the band were ‘a combination of the world of beauty and ugliness, we are supreme yet the gutter’. In line with this my work aims to balance delicacy and density to convey dualism. Further influence is taken from artists, music and subcultures of the 1960s such as the chaotic packaging of imagery within Oz magazine and Pop Art collaging.

The shape references reflect the tailored clothing of the Mods and protective biker garments. These are constructed using intricate textile techniques which utilise remnants of collected materials, inspired by the layers of rotting vintage garments worn by the GTOs. These include upcycled metal, frayed tablecloths, reconstituted velvet and repurposed t-shirt jersey. The contrast of the shapes and the delicate textiles creates garments which are assemblages of cobbled together connotations.


Fashion line up, illustration


Fashion line up, photograph


Fashion Photograph


Fashion photograph and inspiration board


Fashion illustration