Paulina Anzorge / Fine Art Printmaking BA(Hons)


The unconventional and disturbing circumstances the world faces during the 2020 pandemic time has influenced me as an artist and led to me considering the future. The future has become increasingly vague, with changes to come and, less granted and predictable than ever before. Tarot cards became my direct inspiration for me to use to create set of possible “readings” on the contemporary and future predictions. I employ several major arcana cards motifs to investigate and play on the possibility of meaning. Bart and mystic William Blake has directly influenced my methodology of the ambiguous and obscure interpretation, using the Tarot deck to represent the main sacred and profane concerns in peculiar way of juxtaposition and polysemy. The selection of resolved works include languages of print, installation and moving image interspersed with the language of symbolism, historical narratives and philosophical thinking. Playfulness of connections intersperse and serve the background for deeper reflection on the universal concerns of mortality, time, memory and human condition.


Photoshopped portrait photo
‘Emperor’ (2020)


found object collage
‘Hanged Man’ (2020)


goat head on nude
‘Devil’ (2020)