Olivia Blakeman / Fashion Design with Business Studies BA(Hons)

“Planet B ‘West in Space’ is a sustainable, maximalist, and sensual womenswear collection.

Largely influenced by iconic 50s and 60s space films: ‘Barbarella’ and ‘Forbidden Planet’, with a strong seductive female muse. Contrasted by 70s Americana themes including western cowboys and rodeo girls further influence fabric manipulation, tassel details and cowboy boot styling to build a space cowgirl muse.

70s spacesuits with an emphasis on lacing, layering and buckles create an impact. Which is juxtaposed by the more sensual undergarments inspired by 70s lingerie and costumes worn by Barbarella.

Each look is made from thoughtfully selected preowned garments and sustainable/eco-friendly materials to reduce the environmental impact on the planet. Overall, ‘West in Space’ conveys an ecclectic, colourful, maximalist and detailed aesthetic for futuristic women living on a sustainable Planet B.”


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