Mya Vella-Hall / Fine Art Sculpture (BA Hons)

My practice deconstructs the concept of utopia. Through subverting cultural tropes I challenge, question and analyse methods of surface presentation as a part of an investigation into the human condition. I place hyper-saturated cultural signifiers in an unexpected and uncomfortable context. My practice concerns the relationship between the self and external culture. Neoliberalist capitalism, belief systems and semiotics provide context to my work. I test the boundaries between the real and the fake in the literal and the abstract. The digital climate is all about surface. We no longer understand what is bona fide and what is simulated: physically and metaphorically. We experience visual orgasm as fast as we then experience the empty internal void. We touch, we lose, we find once again. I feel a responsibility to better the world we live in through questioning truth in the post-truth era.

Welcome to 2020.