Molly Overstall Khan / Illustration BA(Hons)

Visual artist with an interest in nostalgic, humorous and dreamy imagery.

I explore simple, relatable narratives with exaggerated styling to produce photographs and films, focussed on details, fashion and achieving playful, romantic atmospheres. From my love of markets and collecting,

I use a lot of references from the past, including imagery, films, graphics and fashion, to create more modern pieces for print and digital platforms.



Woman in yellow dress watching laptop whilst lying on floor
‘Do Nothing’ – Image from self portrait series (2020)


Woman wearing towel and face mask in front of mirror raising a cocktail glass
‘Cheers’ – Image from self portrait series (2020)


Woman with green eye shadow, yellow high heel shoe
‘Details’ – Spread from final book for self portrait series (2020)


Empty cocktail glass and discarded face mask on dirty plate
‘Relax’ – Image from self portrait series (2020)