Max Alexander / Fashion Design with Business Studies BA(Hons)

PROCESS is a conceptual menswear collection with a visual narrative showcasing the journey of how depression completely envelops an individual. The collection is primarily inspired by urban environments such as London and Tokyo which can often be seen as exciting, outgoing places rather than the overcrowded, hostile environments they often create.

The story will start with a theme of protection where I explore elements such as the bulletproof vest, chainmail and exoskeleton. These ideas will be worked into structured silhouettes often seen around urban environments such as the worker jacket or the trench coat in order to seamlessly merge elements of protection into the modern wardrobe.

The final two looks will deconstruct these protective silhouettes into exaggerated yet fragmented versions of their previous selves. The woven straps and exoskeletons that once provided protection to the wearer will become frayed and separated meaning the wearer is now more exposed and vulnerable.


Collection Inspiration Images
Fashion Illustration
Collection Photograph

Collection Photograph