Madeline Robertson / Fashion Design with Business Studies BA(Hons)

Award of Excellence: Nagoya University of the Arts Prize

Fashion Design with Business Studies Graduate from the University of Brighton, specialising in tailoring, drape and delicate fabrics. My design always begins with individuals and becomes about building a world and narrative around them. LONE STAR is a gritty narrative of a young girl based around the stories told in Corinne Day’s photography of her friends in the 90s mixed with the influences of bold female characters from Americana road films. Girls who encompass a blend of both fearlessness and femininity. The collection is influenced by my own photography of motels along the west coast of the US, as well as research into temporary structures, such as scaffolding, and artists who create sculptural forms with material and drape. The collection aims to capture the contradictory characters within the mind of this girl. Silk slip dresses, sheer drapes, exposed underwear and cowboy boots, walking home at sunrise in someone else’s jacket.


Lone Star Motel Photo


Fashion Illustration


Fashion Collection Photograph


Collection Line Up


Collection Development Images