Lola Lopez Alverez / Fine Art Printmaking BA(Hons)


My practice centres around our perception of being in the world, exploring the dialogues between us, the other and our environment. Through the medium of print, video and installation I strive to create a performative and contemplative space encouraging situations of encounter for the viewer to explore.

The work emerges from personal experiences with my surroundings and outcomes from experiments through different processes of making and deconstruction through formal elements, rendering embodied events in time. I gather imagery and use technology to digitally alter/assemble them in order to create polyphonic environments in which multiplicity suggest and seek unity.

Narratives and meanings overlap, intertwine and transform in constant flux with the viewer. Inviting them to reconsider their environment and their relations with and within it, as well as to seek and explore ways of participating and making connections as a reflection of our increasingly fragmented, hectic and mediatised everyday environment.




Monochromatic mark making
‘Danse Simultanee 1’



Monochromatic mark making
‘Danse Simultanee 2’


Photographs of viewers interactions with the artists work