Laurie Morley / Photography BA(Hons)

‘Currents in the flood’

I am an artist from Devon working with film photography and fine art. 

My current practice is a mindful exploration of the act of seeing and experiencing. Through experimentation and unique film soups, the material interaction mirrors external environments in which you explore and connect with.  

‘Currents in the flood’ is an experimental project exploring the act of seeing, percepting and having an awareness of the self. Of constant capturing and writing and absorbing I have observed my creative flow. Through observing interaction between material and elements; the self and the universe, the mind creates an illusion of what reality is. ‘Currents in the flood’ suggests that by being mindful and introspective we can free ourselves of judgement and distortion and go with the flow of life. 


Photo of a wave


Bird reflected in water


Photo of a swan



Long exposure of light


I began this project by seeing where my outlet would take me. I decided to soak the film to add an extra element and layer to the diaristic photos, alongside writing. I used sea water, river water, alcohol, tea and coffee. I saw how the bodies of water that we interact with and things we drink influence and react with the material of the film.   

Everything stood still during lockdown and helped me see life as a piece of art, capturing, unfolding, percepting and keeping moments permanently. 

I noticed that my perception of what was around me is somehow a reflection of the world around me and myself through the visual sense. The awareness of noticing what I’m seeing seems lucid as I control what I capture, but I lose control when I let the elements take force. 

Using water theme represents how we interact with the elements of life. Our emotions, states of consciousness, and what and who we interact with takes effect on the self. The water mirrors how energy flows around and inside us.  

Our minds build illusions of reality and life, reinforcing them, strengthening thinking and beliefs. The mind is a distorted version of the objected reality.  Our self is defined by the worlds and difference in it. With mindful observation and introspection, we can be free of judgement without distortions.  

When the mind is still and free from refinement, we can be in harmony with it and go with the flow of life.  


Serenity of thought, gentleness, silence, selfcontrol, and purity of purpose- all these are declared as the austerity of the mind.  

Bhagavad Gita, 17:16