Lauren Smith / Moving Image BA(Hons)

This piece focuses on how I have chosen to reflect upon and honour my brother’s memory, three and a half years after his passing. His artwork, diary and photography have been my inspiration in curating this reflection on his achievements and passions in life, which have been a source of comfort and inspiration for me. I have chosen the title ‘Mind’s Eye’ as sometimes it can be difficult to keep the physicality of a loved one alive, but music, art and video can capture a memory or experience for eternity.

Creating this piece during the Coronavirus pandemic has placed limitations on my practice, as my original intention was for this video to be a projection as part of an interactive installation, which would have replicated my brother’s bedroom, featuring his artwork and belongings. Despite the challenges I faced, I feel this experience gave me more time to consider and treasure the beauty and joy he has left behind.




Double exposed photo of Indian gathering
Minds Eye #1


Sketchbook Collage
Minds Eye #2


Sketchbook Collage
Minds Eye #3