Kathryn Bilbow / Illustration BA(Hons)

During my undergraduate studies, I have found great enjoyment in producing work that considers movement, in both social patterns and the natural environment. My earlier drawings, on the exploration of patterns inspired by natural forms, informed these themes, with inspiration from artist Julie Mehretu and philosopher Henri Lefebvre. These thematic interests led to a room-sized mural and two animated short films which showcase movement as a tool to consider the function of space. Two of these projects comment on the change in movement in the streets of Brighton, during the Covid-19 lockdown. In my most recent short film, What Remains, small, residual movements unfold in succession and, with accompanying audio, place the viewer within a both relatable and introspective context, and produce a reflective and sombre, but uplifting, narrative. This favoured genre of storytelling is evident in my animations for the empowering and intimate stories, Circe and Little Women.