Jingjing Yang / UBIC Pre Masters (Interior Design)

About interior design, there are also many different types, most are divided into commercial design and home design, the most close to people’s life is home design.

My current role is just like that of an intern just entering the industry, and I still lack a good understanding of this industry. When I encounter problems in work, I suddenly realise that the problems I encounter will turn into experience, which will provide me with help for my future study and work.In addition to painting should be practiced frequently and become a basic skill, learning software is also very important. The scope of interior design is very wide, there are a lot of things to do, it is necessary to understand the whole design process, detail all the steps, understand the decoration materials and performance, more observation, more learning.


photo of a city street


architectural drawing


3D architectural drawing


3D architectural drawing


3D architectural render