Ji-in Byun / 3D Design and Craft BA(Hons)

My work explores what happens around dining, especially the act of eating with other people, who may be strangers, and making new relationships between themselves and the tableware objects. The objects we engage with can embody emotion and convey our feelings as well as determining how we behave. The objects create the situation and the narrative. I bring attention to our relationship with tableware and dining as a new way of communication. These tableware pieces aim to create new behaviours during mealtimes. By doing so, we can engage in new experiences, relationships and memories between those who participate in the meal. This work encourages diners to play with the objects whilst they eat. This interaction generates a new dining experience giving the diner their own daily dinner story. These experimental tableware pieces create an intimacy, romantic, sociable, and playful atmosphere by sharing and eating the food at your table.


We are all strangers
We are all strangers.


pull and push cutlery



First cups
First cups detail


second cups
Second cups detail