Jason Wong / Fine Art Printmaking BA(Hons)

My practice is centred around the conflict between old and new generation in my hometown – Hong Kong, that is affecting the future of the generations. By using the screen-printing and lithography methods, I explore and build a new version of my own society, reforming some traditional aspect into contemporary colours and pattern.

Many different kinds of animals and creatures exist in my images. They are the elements that used to represent the epitome of societies in real life. The impression of these creatures is of being cute and harmless, but they are used to reflect an image about reality and as a masking to what people are really doing. I build each of the creatures with same emotion and naivety to reflect the ignorance of people who simply follow the big trend and group together. They might notice the danger but still pretend to stay in the comfort zone.


Colourful pattern
‘Pattern of Society’




Two animals on black background


Colourful mask