Isla Bing / Illustration BA(Hons)

My practice is mainly focused arround moving image and working along side music. I enjoy creating atmospheric environments and aesthetics that resonate and translate to viewers in a highly visual manner. My experients with animation through the course has opened my interests out, showing that I highly enjoy working in stop motion, creating sets and figures and entire worlds that can come to life on screen.

In my last year I have been more focused on photograhy and moving image, instead of animation. I have unearthed interest in retro horror, specifically in cases where practical effects are involved as I think it holds a strong aura of retro, whilst also having it’s own uncanny effects as what we are seeing is exsists in our physical space, as opposed to CGI. My final projects here are interested in this topic of creating something uncomfortable and uncanny, while trying to create something that is visually pleasing.


Pink abstract image


Blade of a knife