Inês Ambrósio / Photography BA(Hons)

‘Here, Now’

Inês finds her inspiration in her surroundings. By focusing on human interaction with nature and the elements, especially the water and the sun, she wants to connect with the viewer. She plays visually with the concepts of memory and time. As a surfer from a young age, when she is not creating she is in the water, which is inevitably a constant influence of her work. ‘Here, Now’ is a performance moving image piece that is born as a response to intense emotional life events, the loss of a close family member followed by mandatory self-isolation. When searching for the emptiness of thought and the healing of the mind, the letting go of what’s left behind and the acceptance of what’s to come she returns to her element and constant inspiration of her works – water.


Photo of projected underwater installation
‘Here, Now’ Installation