Indigo Elsebach-Macey / Fashion Communication with Business Studies BA(Hons)

My final major project is titled ‘The Fragility of Human Existence’. During this project I have been working under an umbrella of topics within the title that I have researched and experimented with through the mediums of make-up artistry, photography and illustration. I decided on this area due to my fascination with skin, working with the body and the fragile aspects of the human form; as well as the relationship to it’s environment both physical and social. The topic of fragile bodies and minds stems from my own personal relationship with the fragility of my body and mind.

Researching areas of fashion, history, beauty, music and the arts inspires my creative practice. I hope to creative visually pleasing yet contextually rich work that can be applied to many sectors of human life; whether it’s to raise awareness to inequality, sustainability, or to be shown through art, make-up, fashion or film.


Portrait photo
Sea Sovereign


Photo of human form with sculptural elements
Mind and Body Connection


Photo of human figure lying down in leaves
Mother Earth


Photo of woman
Narcotic Embodiment


Photo of back
Indigo Macey Fragile Bodies