Hollyann Tullett / Fashion Design with Business Studies BA(Hons)

“Where The Wild Women Are” is a collection inspired by my mum’s resilience, prairie women, saddlery, equestrian hardware and Moroccan textiles The resilience of my mother is personified into a character: a woman who lives on a ranch and one day escapes in the dead of night by horseback. The woman keeps going and going, travelling in constant motion, undeterred and unshaken, collecting souvenirs across the world as she goes.

I researched famous pioneer/rodeo women such as Evelyn Cameron due to the horseback element, leading me to research leather work within saddlery, leather tooling and western hardware. Moroccan textiles also inspired me using textiles I had collected from Marrakech this past year, 31 years after my mother had travelled the country. I really appreciate hand craft and incorporated tradition corsetry techniques, tailoring and hand tooling into this collection against clean cut shapes and an all-white colour palette.


Fashion images


Garment line up.


Mood board


Fashion drawing