History of Art and Design BA(Hons)

History of Art and Design BA(Hons)

Welcome to the 2020 online Degree Show, featuring dissertation research by students from BA History of Art and Design.

For these students, the dissertation is the fulfilment of a year’s intensive research. Topics emerge from students’ own enthusiasms and specialist teaching. Their independent study develops through a range of supported milestones, culminating in this final public presentation.

2020 has been marked by a series of major changes due to the Covid-19 pandemic, resulting in disruptions to all aspects of daily life across the globe. For BA History of Art and Design this has been no exception. Students have adjusted quickly to new ways of working and researching, to new forms of remote teaching and assessment, and to new forms of communication and display. The 2020 Degree Show takes place online rather than in person. While students gather virtually this year, their exhibition nonetheless represents a major achievement under extraordinary circumstances.

BA History of Art and Design is one of three undergraduate degrees exhibiting in the Degree Show from the History of Art and Design programme, alongside BA (Hons) Fashion and Dress History and BA (Hons) Visual Culture. As you will see, students’ projects in this programme cut across time and place, from the eighteenth century to the present, and include local concerns as well as international case studies. The themes cover gender and sexuality, race and ethnicity, class and taste, politics and protest, consumption and collecting, craft and technology, horror and pleasure, structures and their subversion. The images, objects, media and sites include the sacred and the profane, the elite and the humble. Students in the History of Art and Design programme engage with painting, photography and performance; film and digital media; advertising, periodicals and packaging; architecture, furniture and interiors; historic houses, galleries and exhibitions; fashion, dress and textiles. Students conduct research in libraries, archives and museums, and via interviews and fieldwork.

Please take your time to enjoy the fruits of their labour; we are truly proud of them.

Dr Annebella Pollen and Dr Yunah Lee (Academic Programme Leaders, History of Art and Design), with particular thanks to Dr Megha Rajguru and Dr Charlotte Nicklas for developing the exhibition.



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