Heather Acketts / Textile Design with Business Studies BA(Hons)

Nominated for: Sustainable Fashion Digital Micro Internship Prize

Nomad is a knitted collection designed to explore a number of themes in relation to the American Wild West, including cowboy culture, Native American textiles and the expansive desert. Primarily reflecting utilitarian wear such as denim and the western shirt, Nomad has acquired a functional aesthetic, from pockets inspired by the upturned cuff of a jean, frequently used as storage during long rides in the saddle, to double-sided fabrics, informed by the functionality of shirt yokes. Also paying homage to the craft of Navajo blanket weaving, Nomad utilises woven techniques into the knitting, whilst pleat formations mimic the folds and creases of the mountainous western landscape. Nomad unifies the constructed and manmade, with the hostile environment of the desert, ultimately highlighting the relationship between man and nature.

Career Interests:
Product Development

Industry Experience:
Marks and Spencer’s, London
Marc Jacobs, New York
Tommy Hilfiger, Amsterdam

Desert Images Mood Board


Knitted Fabric


Knitted Swatches


Knitted Swatches


Model in nature