Georgina Ball / Fine Art Sculpture BA(Hons)

I have focused on making works playful. The motif of the balloon, which is traditionally associated with celebratory occasions, is used throughout my practice. I have explored all aspects of the balloon from the material purposes, to the common use of the balloon. Both the idea of playing with and re-using an object to create something new is explicitly presented in my current practice. By repurposing the initial function of the object it has opened vast opportunities in up-cycling materials as well as creating experimentation, which incorporates a series of different mediums and techniques, to produce resolved works. My work has explored contemporary concepts through its simplicity. It has become concentrated purely on the mediums used to create the works, as each piece has responded to colour composition, which becomes visually pleasing as well as manipulating their regular use in a playful composition.


Two colourful ballon individually holding up one large mirror and one large pane of glass
Dopplegänger (2020)


Large solid balloon holding up a large pane of glass in the middle of an empty room
Lifeline (2020)


A black and white striped cup on a white surface. A teapot covered in a pink rubber glove being held over the cup as if to pour tea
Rubber Pot (2020)


Five colourful long balloons dangling over four stacks of filled balloons with a tea set balancing on the solid balloons on the floor
Tea Party (2020)


A single green balloon on the floor with a large mirror set in to it. The balloon is holding the mirror upright and a large empty room.
untitled (2020)