Georgia-Mae Skelding / Graphic Design BA(Hons)

Georgia-Mae is a multidisciplinary designer, interested in strategy and image making processes.

Within her practice, she explores the impact of design on relationships and communication, both digitally and physically. Her final project “” breaks down our perceptions and experiences of nostalgia in the digital age. Our generation relies on technology to recall memory, with social media encouraging us to do so, com-modifying positive experience. She explores whether these factors are cause for loss of sentimentality, and if the narrative of our memories can be altered aesthetically because of this.

Using both digital and analogue processes, Georgia-Mae’s extensive research and visual process are exemplified in her final online platform; the concept of ‘curating nostalgia’ is shown through randomly selected research to appear side by side, shuffled through by the user. The “concept” page allows for complete user interactivity, encouraging the visualisation of their own nostalgic experiences through digital image making.


Mixed media collage
Nostalgia is a Beautiful Place


Mixed media collage
Anti Nostalgia (Sketchbook page)


female portrait covered with Heaven is a Place Online
Heaven is a Place Online


Mixed media collage, zine cover


Mixed media collage, Repurposing Memories
Repurposing Memories