Georgia Conway / Textiles Design with Business Studies BA(Hons)

‘CONNECTIONS’ began as a wide exploration of several themes including social infrastructure and its importance in improving social cohesion; mathematical systems and how we can look to computer science and algorithms to better understand human decision making; and more visual prompts such as hands and linear architecture. This vast umbrella of themes led to diverse visual research and a vibrant colour palette. I used cottons, lambswool and polyester yarns to replicate patterns and systems through intricate techniques such as pockets, chevrons and racked drop stitches. I designed a collection of both men’s and womenswear and designed and knitted a fully-fashioned dress in the contrast green and orange of my colour palette. Photos of both my dress and samples were taken outside to fully take advantage of the saturated colour palette and tie the whole collection together.

Design Interests: Colour Concept.

Industry Experience: Marc Jacobs, New York Julien Macdonald, London

Line up


Fashion photograph


Chevron and Pocket technique knitted samples.


Chevron-pocket-holding techniques


Chevron, Rib and moving mock rib final samples