Finlay Burrell / Graphic Design BA(Hons)

The work that I have produced throughout my time at university has become increasingly based around typography. Where possible I generate work that allows me to explore the relationship between image and type, taking the opportunity to experiment with using type as the imagery itself. As an extension of this interest in typography, I am drawn to explore how information, or a block of text, can be made more pleasing to look at. Therefore, editorial or layout design is an area that I very much enjoy working in.

I also enjoy taking projects in other directions. Frequently, I will work with shape and texture in order to make abstract visuals, producing an outcome in this way. The finessing of a composition, so that both the type and imagery of a page work harmoniously, is something I strive to achieve across my work.


documentation and pen


documentation and scans


documentation and lens


book with Scottish quote