Elena Branch / Textiles Design with Business Studies BA(Hons)

Nominated for: Faith & Spirituality Team Wellbeing Prize


Tip of the Iceberg is a print design collection focussing on various aspects of climate change in relation to our oceans. Aiming to be design led yet informative, the collection comprises of a mixture of screen-printed samples with digital designs.
Global temperature rise, water pollution, plastics, and energy production are some of the issues investigated through the collection.
Tip of the Iceberg notes the crucial point which we are at with our environment – sustainability could be further adopted, but we are also very close to doing irreversible damage.
The collection aims to encourage reflection on this issue and highlights how our actions are having a negative impact in ways we may not have originally thought.

Design interests:
Digital Illustration
Graphic Design

Industry Experience:
Pattern, London
H&M, Stockholm
Unique Style Platform, London
Burberry, London
FWS, London
Sarah Arnett, Brighton

Digital image

Digital design