Eamon Broderick / Fine Art Sculpture BA(Hons)

My work has always been heavily centred around wood: the versatility of the material, the diversity of its forms, and its evocative textural qualities. This recurring coalescence comes from my appreciation of wood due to its fundamentalism in human existence. Even in a technologically advancing world of metal and plastic it is not superseded. We are symbiotic with trees and using wood as a practical material has been pivotal throughout our evolution. Recently I have been fascinated by the comparative differences between real and composite wood: that is, wood such as MDF (medium-density fibreboard), which is made out of deconstructed wood elements. By understanding and reinterpreting the process that goes into making composite wood materials, I have created a “liquid wood” that can be cast into moulds, or freely sculpted, and left to harden. The process directly mimics the combination of resin and sawdust used in industrial MDF production.


Chair sculpture
Wild Chair Birch


Wood sculpture


Bottle sculpture
Put a Cork in it


Wood sculpture


Fruit bowl sculpture
Fruit Bowl