Denise Aguiar / Fine Art Printmaking BA(Hons)

Within my practice I explore the mythic history of women through time and cultures. My work focuses around re-representing ancient symbols and artefacts that I bring together in combination with my imagination to present an innate feminine force and ‘wild woman’ psyche. I aim to depict an archaic feminine vision of unity recontextualised to fit a contemporary narrative that explores female sexuality and identity in a nonnormative light.

Through the combination of drawing, print, and collage I often make hybrid assemblages, playfully building fantastical narratives and landscapes containing ‘wild women’ characters, presented almost as large friezes across the paper or wall. I centre my imagery around the reoccurring motif of the eye-spirit, rooted in my own Mediterranean heritage. I build up a lexicon of associated symbols that are pulled from different cultures but collectively have similar functions and roots to a mysterious and forgotten primordial Goddess.


Orange and pink swirls
She Bled- 2020


Pink purple and blue swirls
Landscape of the Wild Women


Eye Pattern
The Birth of Eye Goddess


Two cherubs on a square
Body And Soul Not Compatible 2020