Daniel Jackson / 3D Design and Craft BA(Hons)

This project has evolved through me undertaking various journeys and experiences. Leaving the cliché behind, my project reflects the journey I have encountered throughout my degree with a primary focus on my third year. The London Underground holsters many journeys every day, people traveling to work, school, home and for people seeking leisure or visiting the arts. The London Underground, efficient in its delivery of service is an experience in its own right. The engineering achievements for its time, the effectiveness in its capacity handling five million experiences and journeys a day are some of its accomplishments. I hope my body of work reflects a journey you have encompassed, or you can relate to the aesthetic which reminds you of an experience or place within the London Underground network; it could be a park, a palace, a platform, a performance or perhaps just a moment in time you remember.

Geographic Ceramic Tube Map
Geographic Ceramic Tube Map
Ceramic Colourful Tubes on Wooden Board
Geographic Ceramic Tube Map Test Piece
Tubes in the Colours of the London Underground
London Underground Colours


Multicoloured semi-circular Glaze Tests
Glaze Tests


Red Vessel
Central Line Vessel